1410 - Der Droide
The Droide
Kurt Mahr

During the flight to the Great Magellanic Could, the Sorong keeps studying the Chronopulse Wall and notices that its surface is not regular. Along the Wall, the ship is attacked by a spaceship that barely leaves an echo on the screens, reminding of the ship that stole Waringer's cell activator on Satrang.

Despite a damaged Metagrav engine, the Sorong reaches the Lishtar system at the edge of Magellan and lands on the fourth planet, Ayshran-Ho. Nikki Frickel and her crew introduce themselves as descendants of the Vironauts and learn that after the hyperspace shocks that happened 695 years ago, several Gurrad colonies were attacked by the Cantaros, an unknown race with superior technology.

Nikki meets with Bertralam, a scientist who pretends he can show them images of the Milky Way using a ray called Furqular. With the device, Nikki has a vision of unidentified attackers destroying Terran cities. They learn more about the past and also how the Gurrads, Posbis and Maahks reunited after the Kansarriya collapsed.

Bertralam then introduces Nikki to a man called Tryndalar who says he has information on the four-armed prophet, but it's a trap and she gets kidnapped. During the fight, Bertralam is killed and his remains show that he was a cyborg.

Cedric Beust 2006-04-17

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