141 - Station der Unsichtbaren
Station Of The Invisibles
Kurt Mahr

Molol, an Anti priest of the B‚alol cult, runs away from the planet Aptulad, the fourth planet of the Aptut system. Pursued by several other Antis, he has almost given up all hope before being rescued by a Springer ship at the last minute. The Springer ship is attacked but saved by the intervention of a Terran cruiser. Molol has just enough time to warn the Terrans that some strangers appeared on Aptulad and that all civilizations of the Milky Way are threatened. He dies before saying anything else.

Nike Quinto, the chief of Action Division Section III, is informed and sends his best agents on a mission to Aptulad. Quinto himself makes the spaceship EUDOXIA his flagship and follows the ANASTASIA, an old vessel with Ron Landry, Larry Randall, Lofty Patterson and Meech Hannigan on board. The ANASTASIA crashes on the surface of Aptulad, after having allowed the commando team to infiltrate.

Meech Hannigan enters the base but he is tracked by the Antes. He easily escapes them and is confronted temporarily by an invisible creature. He then helps his three companions to penetrate into the base. There are not any doubts now: some Laurins are in the base.

In fact, a Lauren vessel landed a short time before and finished an agreement with the Supreme B‚alol. To get rid of the Terrans, the Laurins emit a paralyzing mental field. The agents of Section III capture some Antes whose powers neutralize the field. They then cause confusion among the Laurins and capture several of them. They confront some Antes who they defeat and scare into submission. All the same, only the treason of the Anti priest Dilan in favor of the Terrans allows them to flee. It is he who had allowed Molol to flee.

They reach their small space worthy lifeboat but stumble into a trap of the Antes. Fortunately, they are saved by the EUDOXIA, carrying away with them three Laurin prisoners.

Michael Mahoney 2011-08-23

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