1409 - Sucher in M 3
Investigations in M-3
Arndt Ellmer

On June 1143, the Cimarron reaches New Moragan-Pordh, the home of the Porleyters in M-3. Not receiving any response, the Terrans land on Zhruut where they only find ruins. A signal leads them to the planet Lydon where they are subjected to a series of hallucinations until a Blue Nakk called Svindar appears. Svindar tells Rhodan that the Porleyters have withdrawn from this system but since Rhodan is a Knight of the Abyss, he is allowed to disclose their new location in M-36.

The Galactics arrive on the second planet of Borea in M-36 and Rhodan meets with Lafsather-Koro-Soth, his old friend from the Porleyer crisis. Lafsater-Koro-Soth is now using a human shape as a body and he explains that the Porleyters do not know what is currently happening in the Milky Way, even though they are aware of the Chronopulse Wall.

Lafsather-Koro-Soth explains that several centuries ago, the Galacticum came to them and asked for weapons against the Hauris, and then later against the Cantaros. They returned several times, asking for increasingly deadlier weapons, but after a while, the Porleyters could no longer contribute any more without infringing upon the mandate the Cosmocrats gave them, so they declined the Galacticum's requests.

Shortly thereafter, a Galactic fleet attacked the five planets of New Moragan-Pordh. The Porleyters repelled the attack and decided to leave the system and have nothing to do with the Galactics ever again. They also destroyed the installations to make sure nobody would try to plunder the planet.

Rhodan asks Lafsather-Koro-Soth who was leading the Galactic delegation, but the Porleyeter refuses to answer any question, hinting that the Terrans should not overstay their welcome and that he was just doing them one last favor because Rhodan is a Knight of the Abyss. But after this contact, he says, Rhodan will never see the Porleyters ever again.

The Cimarron leaves the planet, which disappears from the normal space, and before leaving, Rhodan receives one last message from the Porleyters telling him that he should seek the place where the "Columns of the Past" stand, and once there, he should read the Time Tablets of Amringhar.

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