1408 - Ein Tropfen Ewigkeit
A Drop of Eternity
Ernst Vlcek

Rhodan decides to make contact with various friends of the Terrans. While he and the Cimarron will head toward M-3 to talk to the Porleyters, Julian Tifflor and the Perseus sets out fo Point Siragusa, a former Hanse station located in the vicinity of a black hole.

Point Siragusa is surrounded by eight stations created by Illu Siragusa in 435 NGC. The scientist was trying to prove that it was possible to use black holes as a transportation means with the Einstein-Rosen effect. During one of her experiments, Illu came closer to a black hole and she disappeared behind the event horizon.

The Terrans find the stations abandoned and in one of them, Fellmer Lloyd finds the statue of a cyborg with the name Cantaro. A recording reveals that the crew abandoned Point Siragusa in August 488 to take part in a Kartanian operation.

The Terrans detect an asteroid twenty-one light years away and discover that it's the helm of the Narga Sant, which has been drifting for more than 600 years. Inside, they discover Terrans and Kartanians who describe what happened.

After the Catastrophe caused by the transfer of the last quarter of Hangay, many Kartanians became sterile and lost their mind. Only the Hauris seemed immune to the strangeness shock and they became the main threat in Ardustaar. Over time, the Hauris start degenerating and they are eventually overpowered by an alliance of the Kartanians and the Maakars, a Maahk people.

The Kartanians learn that a deadly threat has taken hold in the Milky Way from a race called the Cantaros, cyborgs that suddenly appeared in the local cluster. The new ennemy shows no mercy and annihilates planet after planet. By solidarity with the Terrans, One million Kartanians depart for the Milky Way but they are locked out by the Chronopulse wall. Then they try to use the Siragusa black hole to penetrate inside the galaxy but the result of the attempt is that the Narga Santa is broken in several pieces.

With these information, the Perseus returns to the rendezvous point, called Phoenix-1.

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