1407 - Der Eremit von Satrang
The Hermit from Satrang
Clark Darlton

On Satrang, Pucky discovers that the planet is used as a hospital where all the victimes of the Barrier gets sent to be treated. He receives a holographic message from the Hermit, who's aged considerably in the past twenty-four hours. Pucky assumes that the Hermit's cell activator was recently stolen, and that he will be dying soon. The Hermit talls the mouse beaver to look for Ronald Tekener and Roi Danton, and that he needs to hurry because a self descrution mechanism has been initiated. A recording discloses the Hermit's history...

After the Cosmic Catastrophe, strangers occupy the Milky Way and isolate the entire galaxy. More than six hundred years, the Hermit crossed the Barrier with the Ark, an Ara spaceship, and five hundred light years away from it, they settle on Satrang where they start preparing the resistance.

Pucky finally discovers the Hermit a few minutes before he dies of old age, and the mouse beaver is in shock when he finds out the identity of the mysterious man: Geoffrey Abel Waringer. Before dying, the scientist tells Pucky that he created a device to cross the Chronopulse Wall but that he destroyed all his work so that their enemies won't be able to use it. Back in the fleet, Waringer's remnants are sent into space with all the honors.

Cedric Beust 2006-03-31

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