1406 - Barriere im Nichts
Barrier in the Void
Robert Feldhoff

The Tarkan fleet approaches the Milky Way but has to stop short 25,000 light years away from the Earth, where an invisible barrier causes the entire crew to be cast into a deep confusion. During the brief contact with the madness barrier, the scientists establish that time seems to have briefly gone backward. A second barrier seems to exist behind it that causes unmanned probes to explode.

After several unsuccessful attempts to break through, Perry Rhodan is ready to give up when he receives a message coming from the M-30 cluster. The message is sent by someone who calls himself the Hermit from Satrang and warns everybody that a dark power has taken over the Milky Way. The Hermit invites everyone who is willing to fight against these new enemies to join forces with him.

As the fleet arrives on Satrang, a second message reaches them saying that he's been dispossessed of everything and that he only has a few hours left to live. Pucky teleports on the planet, which is surrounded with Hangay trimarans and other spaceships, but none from the Milky Way.

Shortly before Rhodan and Ras Tschubai teleport on the planet as well, an unknown spacehip with a blurry outline leaves the planet at great speed, passes the galactic fleet and effortlessly penetrates through the two barriers protecting the Milky way.

Cedric Beust 2006-03-29

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