1405 - Die Erben der Posbis
The Legacy of the Posbis
H.G. Ewers

On April 15th, 1143, Iruna of Bass-Thete is working on the Base and trying to get more information from the Hamiller Tube, but without any success. The former positronic brain can only repeat that Sayaaron is hell and that everyone who gets sent there never returns.

When the Galactics reach the World of a Hundred Suns on April 16th, they find three Gurrad space stations. The Terrans decide to conceal their identity and introduce themselves as Arkonides coming from an Andromedan colony. Gorrasch, the Gurrad leader, doesn't trust them and has them arrested.

When the TS-Cordoba meets the fleet and demonstrates its firepower, the Gurrads free the prisoners and a small team is sent on the World of Hundred Suns to investigate.

On the planet, they learn that the Central Protoplasm disappeared 50 years ago and that Icho Tolot reached the World of Hundred Suns around that time to find Perry Rhodan. The Posbis accepted to help Tolot in his search and left the planet. Not seeing them come back, the Central Protoplasm asked the Gurrads to bring him back to his home world in Andromeda, which they did after settling on the World of a Hundred Suns.

Using Icho Tolot's spacesuit, Pucky impersonates the Halutian and convinces the Gurrads that the Terrans are who they claim. The Galactics are free to go and head for the Milky Way.

Cedric Beust 2006-03-29

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