1404 - Diebe aus der Zukunft
The Future Thieves
K.H. Scheer

On April 9th 1143, the TS-Cordoba heads for the mid-space station Midway, where only a wreck can be found. The station was apparently destroyed 650 years ago. The Cordoba continues its course toward Outlook where it is attacked by Maahks using improved converter guns and a new type of disc-shaped spaceship.

Tostan makes contact with the Maahks but he fails to convince them that they are not Hauris. Still, Grek-1, the Maahk commander, acknowledges their peaceful intentions and accepts to give them access to the archives of his ship.

The documents talk about a cosmic disaster that occurred when the fourth quarter of Hangay rematerialized in the normal universe. Entire planets were devastated and existing alliances collapsed. Wars broke out everywhere for unknown reasons and the Maahks slowly retired in Andromeda after inflicting severe defats to the Hauris.

After the destruction of Midway, they broke contact with the Milky Way for good and later, made contact with the Gurrads in the Magellanic Clouds, who were not able to give any more details on what was happening in the Milky Way.

The archives mentions the existence of a person called the Conserved Teller, who is being kept on the ship and turns out to be the shape of a Halutian maintained in a stasis field. When activated, the form says "My name is Icho Tolot. I came from the galaxy M-87 and I'm looking for Perry Rhodan". The Terrans manage to negotiate the transfer of Tolot on their ships in exchange for a peaceful withdrawal.

When they deactivate the field, the Terrans only find Tolot's empty spacesuit and an emitter. The Tsunami then heads for the World of a Hundred Suns in order to meet with the rest of the fleet.

Cedric Beust 2006-03-29

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