1403 - Die fliegenden Menschen
The Flying Men
Marianne Sydow

Covar Inguard tells his story to the Terrans.

Shortly after the texts of laws were tatooed on his skin, Inguard was captured by IQ hunters and sold on Tinkan. Many years later, he escaped and went on board the Mansheel, where its commander, Dor-Haran, recognized that his tatoos are actually space coordinates. Dor-Haran then dispatches a group to the coordinates where they find the graveyard of what used to be the Base.

The Terrans find the Log Book and learn from Sandra Bougeaklis' report that the Hamiller Tube lost its mind during a powerful structural shockwave in 448 NGC, which led to the dismantling of the Base. The crew left toward Hangay and was attacked by a Hauri fleet. The fight forced to crash on the planet and, in order to guarantee that the coordinates of the Base would not be lost, Sandra created a ritual in which they would be tatooed on newborns.

The Log Book doesn't say much about the Milky Way but other documents mention it under the name Sayaaron and describe it as a "damned place where death reigns and from where nobody ever comes back". The Monoceros receives the order to stand guard among the debris of the Base while the TS-Cordoba heads toward the Milky Way to gather information.

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