1402 - Die Drachenwelt
The Dragon World
H.G. Ewers

The Terrans arrive on Bugaklis where they meet with descendants of Hauris and various other peoples of the Milky Way. Asked about the Earth and the Milky Way, the leader of the tribe says that these terms are mentioned in the Log Book and he tells the Terrans to speak to Covar Inguard, the chief of the a tribe called the Children of the Earth.

In the mountains, the Terrans have to defend themselves against the Killer Majesties, vulture-like birds with a wingspan of twenty meters. During an exploration, Iruna of Bass-Thet meets a Naat called Tavoor, who explains that his spaceship was hurled by the shockwave on Bugaklis where he was placed in suspended animation.

When the station realizes that Tavoor is collaborating with Iruna, it attacks the Naat, who is severely wounded. During the attack, Iruna's psionic amplifier is destroyed, reducing her abilities to zero-dream to a range of a few thousand meters.

Cedric Beust 2006-03-14

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