1401 - Herr der Trümmer
The Lord of the Ruins
Arndt Ellmer

When the fleet reaches X-Door, they find no trace of the Base and Rhodan orders for a search of the area. They encounter a Kartanian spaceship that flees in front of them, its captain mistaking the Terrans for Hauris. Following the Kartanian, the Cassiopeia discovers a graveyard of ships containing thousands of wrecks at least 600 years old. On board of one of the ships, they find the dead body of a Gurrad.

They capture Dor-Haran, the captain of the Kartanian ship, who reveals that the Kansahariyya collapsed centuries ago and its peoples turned against each other. The Kartanians are tasked to collect Hauri and human IQ in order to sell it on a world called Sashoy. Dor-Haran says that the received the coordinates of the graveyard on the extreme world Bugaklis.

Robots of Terran construction surround the Terrans and ask them to identify themselves and Nyman realizes that the graveyard is the Base, which has been dismantled into hundreds of thousands of pieces. Their ruler identifies itself as the Hamiller Tube, but it has unfortunately lost all memory of Rhodan's identity. He accepts transfer into the Cimarron.

The Terran fleet heads for Bugaklis, whose name reminds Rhodan of Sandra Bougeaklis, the former commander of the Base.

Cedric Beust 2006-03-13

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