140 - Ein Toter soll nicht sterben
Deadmen Should Not Die
Clark Darlton

In October 2113, Perry Rhodan leaves Arkon III for Mars via matter transmitter, and from there he arrives on the Earth. He meets with Van Moders and Kule-Tats. They confirm that the Laurins transformed the robots of Mechanica while attaching blocks of cellular plasma to them but at a certain time, these same robots turned against the Invisibles. Rhodanís goal is to get Ernst Ellertís help in order to seize the transform canons on board of a Posbi ship. The mutant's body is always in its crypt while his mind travels through the universe. After two days of waiting, during which the mutant saves an alien race from destruction, they leave for Arkon III.

The THEODORIC takes course for Frago and attracts several Posbi ships. Ernst Ellert projects his mind and succeeds in taking under control one of the vessels. He brings it in the direction of M-13. On the Terran vessel, his body begins to show signs of decomposition.

While Ernst Ellert keeps the six commanders of protoplasm under his control, a commando team penetrates on board and recovers two transform canons. The body of Ellert dies but it continues to move - it seems that the minds of the protoplasm commanders have taken control of it. The mutant's mind loses control and begins to dissolve inside the cells of protoplasm. The Posbi ship suddenly surrounds itself with a relativity screen and disappears, carrying away with it a part of the commando team. The THEODORIC returns to the vicinity of Frago.

The Posbi ship also returns close to the artificial planet. Ellert succeeds in taking control once again for a short period of time, allowing the Terrans on board to flee into the space. They are recovered soon by the THEODORIC.

Its propulsion system having been sabotaged, the Posbi ship drifts toward Frago. When the relativity screens of Frago and the Posbi ship collide, the ship explodes and the mind of Ellert is projected into the universe. His body is buried.

Michael Mahoney 2011-08-30

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