1399 - ESTARTU
Kurt Mahr

On February 28th, 448, the Kansaharriya projects the fourth quarter of Hangay into the Milky Way. Perry Rhodan sends the Auriga to the X-Door sector to meet with the Base and leaves for Narna, where Estartu's resurrection is imminent. When they get there, Hirdal appears and gives further information on Estartu's history.

More than fifty thousand years ago, Estartu decided to answer the call from the Kansaharriya because what happens in Tarkan might affect the normal universe as well. Without knowing the motivations of the Lord Heptamer, Estartu is convinced that the Chaotarks are behind the attempts to destroy Tarkan.

In order to call Estartu, the Kansaharriya built a giant emitter, which consumed most of their resources. After the call, they sank into apathy and scientific stagnation. Under the form of a Kartanian female called Tar-Tu, Estartu infiltrates the scientific team of the project Hen-Kwa and suggests the creation of the Narga Sant in order to scout the Milky Way. Over the next forty years, the project to send Hangay into the Milky Way shapes up under her direction.

Estartu managaes to convince the Lord Heptamer that if he destroys her, the Meekorah Project will stop. The confrontation ends on Zerenghaa where Estartu fakes her own destruction while spreading her consciousness across 40,000 Toto Duga, which in turn split their psyches on the Benguels and the Juatafus. When two representatives of this race meet, the quantum of consciousness is freed instantly.

The Lord Heptamer assigns the direction of Hangay to Afu-Metem, who starts concentrating on the Hauris, thereby leaving the Kansaharriya free to continue the development of the Meekorah Project. A few centuries later, the Narga Sant leaves Hangay.

Since the Toto Duga and the Benguels will need a spiritual guide when comes the Time of Maturity, during which Estartu will be reborn, the super-intelligence calls on her brother, It, who tells her about two cell activators that he intends to give away. It assumes that the future bearers of these cell activators will follow Estartu's trace and will therefore reach Tarkan in the future. Thus are created the myths of the Imagos.

After Hirdal's report, Atlan now understands why It insisted so much to get him to go to Tarkan, since Perry Rhodan's projection into Tarkan was an accident. When Bull questions Hirdal about Dorifer and the Moral Code, the manifestation reacts violently and pretends knowing nothing about these topics, even though the Kansaharriya had to tap energy from there for each transfer. Benneker Vling then materializes and together with Hirdal, they say goodbye to the Terrans and disappear.

The Benguel and Juatafu fleets appear on Narna and the sudden fusion of all these consciousnesses create a psionic storm. Estartu appears as a giant woman and asks for forgiveness to It for having abandoned her galaxy. Before departing toward her Sphere of Influence, the twelve galaxies, Estartu accepts to absorb Oogh at Tarkan in her consciousness.

The Terran fleet heads back toward X-Door. During the flight, Sato Ambush warns Perry Rhodan that the transfer of the fourth quarter caused a critical mass to be reached in the Milky Way and suggests to investigate its effects. Skeptical, Rhodan accepts nevertheless as the fleet crosses the Strangeness Field separating the two universes.

As they are about to emerge, a shockwave of unknown origin catches up with them but as it hits them, the fleet of fourteen ships is left unharmed.

Cedric Beust 2006-03-09

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