1398 - Feuersturm
Fire Storm
Peter Griese

As the Galactics try to fight against the increasing temperatures searing their spaceships, Rhodan, Beodu, Atlan and Iruna locate the origin of the firestorm: it's a planet called Vontard. Hirdal appears in Leda and claism that Beodu has become a super-catalyst for the unification of the Benguel and the Juatafu in Nachod as Qoor.

Rhodan realizes that the fire storm is an artificial space-time crack and he rejects the help offered by Benneke Vling. They land on Vontard and meet with Si Kitu, the Mother of Entropy, who says that the transfer of Hangay into the Milky Way goes against her will. She points the Terrans to Active-A and Passive-B, two stations that need are at the origin of the fire storm.

After facing verious trials, Rhodan and Atlan manage to neutralize both of them and turn the fire storm against the Fire Prince, who dies from his own weapon. Passive-B is destroyed with Arkonide bombs and Rhodan and Atlan return to the Tarkan fleet on February 27th, shortly before the transfer of the last quarter of Hangay.

Cedric Beust 2006-02-08

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