1397 - Der Sänger und die Mörder
The Singer and the Murderer
Robert Feldhoff

A new mass dual suicide happens on February 9th 448 and Estartu's mental voice tells Rhodan that the Benguel and the Juatafu are going back to their native state. Rhodan and Atlan became Imagos because of their cell activators and Hirdal tells them about a time back fifty thousand years ago.

After the attack of the Kartanians on the headquarters of the Princes failed, Estartu formed a plan to fool her enemies. She lured them to Zerenghaa and pretended to be destroyed by the blast of their psionic attack while she actually scattered her consciousness across five hundred robots. The Heptamer is fooled into thinking he has destroyed Estartu and withdraws.

The Call for Gathering turns out to be a trick from Afu-Metem and Fire Storm begins. Intense electromagnetic radiations heat the hulls of the spaceships and Rhodan leaves for Jitra with Leda, whose engines are the only ones still working.

Cedric Beust 2006-02-08

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