1396 - Die verborgene Welt
The Forsaken World
Marianne Sydow

Throughout Meekorah-Hangay, all the Benguels receive a mental call urging them to meet over the planet Narna because the Time of Maturity is near. Under the surface of Narna, they discover huge caves containing cities filled with Juatafu robots. When the two races make contact, a lot of them disappear in a flash and Hirdal appears. Estartu's messenger then explains the history of the Juatafu and of the Benguel...

When she realized she was in danger, Estartu created the Toto Duga, her children, from the dust of a foreign world. She also created five hundred robots who started digging under a planet called Ushindi. A total of four billion Toto Dugas were created and they built forty million spaceships on order to be able to evacuate the planet in case of a danger.

The Juatafu decided to spread Estartu's legacy over organic creatures, and they picked the Benguels. After the evolutionary jump created by the transmission of Estartu's legacy, the Benguels used the Juatafus' spaceships and left the planet. The two races are now expecting the Time of Maturity where they can be reunited, which will complete Estartu's work. Hirdal disappears and the arrival of Oogh at Tarkan unites the two races, who start working toward their final goal.

Cedric Beust 2006-02-08

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