1395 - Kampfkommando Ragnarök
Fight Commando Ragnarok
Peter Griese

The Galactic fleet is hard at work trying to determine how they should alter the filed structurs of the Tsunami spaceships in order to overcome the structural anomaly of the time crack.

A creature named Hirdal speaks to Deighton in his dreams and explains that the powers of this universe committed mistakes that will lead to a terrible crime against life in the Twelve Galaxies and in the Local Cluster. Hirdal also tells Deighton to not try to understand the Nakks and that the Time of Maturity is more important than anything else.

Hirdal materializes in the Vallarta as a young woman and claims to be a messenger from Estartu. She explains that Estartu realized the importance of the Nakks a long time ago and she made sure that they were being trained inside Nachod asQoor. Hirdal disappears shortly after revealing that the critical value for the AT fields of the Tsunami spaceships is 1.712 seconds.

Using the modified fields, the fleet enters the crack and reach Ur amm Taloq, where they force the servants of the Hexameron to a temporary ceasefire. When they realize that the time crack is controlled from the planet Surprise, they blow up the control station.

Cedric Beust 2006-02-08

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