1394 - Im Auftrag der Toten
At the Service of the Dead
H.G. Ewers

As the Galactic and Hauri fleet are at a standstill, Atlan, Iruna of Bass Thet, Eirene and Pucky are projected into virtual worlds by Afu-Metem's paratrtraps. In her world, Eirene leanrs that Rhodan and Beodu are also help prisoners in the Dorifer capsule but with Atlan and Pucky's help, they manage to free him.

Afu-Metem becomes distracted by Gojoh ama Sunnuh, a humanoid who wants to take revenge from him because he exterimanted his civilization. The Galactics concentrate their attack on the Fire Prince and manage to kill his Benguel body. However, Afu-Metem jumps into a Hauri spaceship and flees.

Cedric Beust 2006-02-08

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