1393 - Botschaft aus der Heimat
Message from the Home World
Arndt Ellmer

On January 11th 448, the Cimarron reaches the blue giant Erego as the transfer of the last quarter of Hangay is getting ready. To prove their good intentions, the Galactics let the Vennoks in charge of the safety of the Erego system inspect their spaceships.

Hon-Tur, the commander, explains to the Galactics that because of the increase in Hauri activity, the last transfer of Hangay has been scheduled for February 28th. Bull learns that Rhodan is in Nachod as Qoor. In the Hole of Eternity, the Cimarron meets with Atlan's flee and the Benguel and Juatafu suddenly designate Atlan as their Imago.

Cedric Beust 2006-02-08

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