1392 - Treffpunkt Y-Gate
Rendezvous at Y-Gate
K.H. Scheer

On January 16th 448, the Galactic fleet, still looking for Nachod as Qoor, meets at the Y Gate, a sun at the border of the fourth quarter of Hangay. They locate a Hauri station 60,000 light years away, in the middle of the galactic void, and fall into the space-time crack, eventually ending up in the Girradu system and its five planets.

Acting as envoys from Afu-Metem, they learn that a test field of the Fire Storm is about to be performed and as several Benguel and Juatafu meet, the shock following the dual suicide causes a mental voice to tell Atlan that he holds the key to "help the confused children".

Afu-Metem appears as a Benguel and captures Atlan. Although the Fire Prince is protected by a powerful shield, Atlan asks his companions to shoot him with bows and arrows. The plan succeeds and the Benguel dies. Afu-Metem escapes in a bright light.

The Fire Storm test starts and a strong radiation depletes the gravitraf accumulators of the Tsunami cruisers. The TS-Cordoba escapes and rejoins the Galactic fleet, which has managed to locate Nachor as Qoor in the meantime. Iruna of Bass-Thet identifies the Hole of Eternity as Dorifer's psionic imprint.

Cedric Beust

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