1391 - Der Fürst des Feuers
The Prince of Fire
Ernst Vlcek

Afu-Metem explains to Rhodan that he wanted to capture the Imago of the Juatafus and of the Benguels and he warns Rhodan to not incite these people to rebel against him. Afu-Metem explains that the Hexameron is made of seven Princes: the Prince of Fire, Storm, Flood, Belief (Letel), Purity, Dogma and Adoration. Rhodan realizes that Afu-Metem is the enigmatic character he met on Cheobad and learns that Afu-Metem also met with Atlan.

Rhodan discovers the original prophet and manages to kill the false one, but Afu-Metem is unphased, saying that he has many lives. He tries to influence Rhodan psychically but without success thanks to Leda's help, who's been constantly monitoring the Terran.

A group of Juatafu and Benguel breaks in to save their Imago and as their presence causes another psychic shock and then their disappearance, Rhodan hears a mental voice which tells him that Afu-Metem is powerful but not invincible. The voice asks Rhodan to take the Juatafu and the Benguel to the location where their destiny can be accomplished and that Beodu needs to be protected.

Cedric Beust 2006-02-08

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