1390 - Die Tore DORIFERS
The Dorifer Gate
Robert Feldhoff

Perry Rhodan understands that Nachod as Qoor is not a black hole but a cosmonucleotide. In a station similar to the ones found in Dorifer, he discovers Juatafu robots acting as mentors for young Nakks who must be trained in the "Hole of Eternity".

Rhodan and Beodu enter inside Nachod and discover 27 Credians, short telepaths who are the only survivors of a people that was close to losing their corporeality before the gravitational constant was artificially raised by the powers of the Six Days. Each Credian contains the consciousness of 450 of his compatriots and unknown forces kill them all except one, who receives the consciousness of his entire people.

Inside the cosmonucleotide, Rhodan visits more psiqs, each taking him to a different past, and finally reaches a time 50,000 years ago. In the Ushally system, he witnesses the final confrontration between Estartu and Lord Heptamer, assisted by Kartanian and Hauri fleets respectively. Heptamer moves the conflict on the planet Zerenghaa and the Hauri fleet opens fire, causing several seisms on the planet. Estartu suddenly shrinks and disappears in a powerful psionic explosion that temporarily injures Lord Heptamer. Rhodan becomes convinced that Estartu simulated her death.

On the way back from Ushally, the Leda capsule is attacked by Lord Heptamer but manages to enter the cosmonucleotide. Leda reaches Tarkan on January 3rd, 448 as countless Juatafu and Benguel spaceships pile up in front of the Dorifer Gate, following a call from Bilgeron. Rhodan accepts the invitation from a Benguel prophet who captures him and reveals himself as Afu-Metem, the Prince of Fire.

Cedric Beust 2006-02-08

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