139 - Die Laurins kommen !
World Without Mercy
William Voltz

The Galactic alliance, that unites Terrans, Akonides and Arkonides, is signed on 10 September 2113.

On Arkon III, a commando team is under preparation for an important operation. The team must be sent by transmitter to a space tug situated in the intergalactic emptiness, close to a Posbi station. Rhodan takes with the team Fyrn who is, unbeknownst to him, an Akonide spy who has undergone hypnotic conditioning so that he believes himself to be only a simple technician. The commando team, composed of 43 people, clears the transmitter.

The operation fails and, instead of arriving on the Tug BA-F333, the team arrives in an underground installation whose technology reminds them of the technology found on Mechanica. They discover machines looking in all ways like the robots of Mechanica as well as other machines that are completely different. They end up determining that they are on the first planet of Outside, the sun of Mechanica. It is named Surprise. The hypnotic conditioning of Fyrn disappears and he realizes that he is a spy. Confronted by Perry Rhodan, he gives up accomplishing his mission and joins the Terrans.

Some Laurins are detected and fighting breaks out. Several ships are destroyed thanks to the interventions of the mutants. The resulting energy outbursts attract the attention of a light cruiser. A squadron is immediately sent to Surprise and recovers the men. The analysis of the facilities seems to prove that the lizards of Mechanica constructed some robots and that these had protoplasm added to them by the Laurins.

Provided with a false identity, Fyrn disappears within sight of the Akonides and departs on board of a research vessel.

*NOTE: The Title "World Without Mercy" was the title of the original American Masters Publications edition of this Perry Rhodan episode. Literal translation for this episode is "The Laurins Come!".

Michael Mahoney 2011-08-22

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