1389 - Straße der Skarabäen
The Way of the Scarabs
H.G. Francis

After fleeing Cheobad, Perry Rhodan, Beodu and Nai-Leng head to the third quarter of Meekorah that just appeared, where they hope to find Nachod as Qoor.

Picking up clues on the planet Ram, Rhodan heads for the sun Fanji on board the Dorifer capsule. Inside a giant pyramid, he discovers a matter transmitter used to teleport Nakks who couldn't go through the training in Nachod as Qoor in order to heal them. Rhodan shows them the true face of the Hexameron and they understand they have been lied to.

Rhodan decides to stay in Hangay as long as he hasn't found Estartu, so he flees from the third quarter of the galaxy on the Dorifer capsule shortly before the transfer to the Milky Way occurs.

Leda then detects psionic signal 250,000 light years away and takes Rhodan to a ring-like object looking like Dorifer's gate.

Cedric Beust 2006-03-11

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