1388 - Kurier nach Tarkan
Courier for Tarkan
Kurt Mahr

When he reaches the Base on X-Door, Bull immediately has the Cimarron fitted with vectorial Grigoroff drives in order to cross over to Tarkan in the station symmetric to Ur amm Taloq. After distracting a Hauri fleet, They cross through the Operator Dzeta, a region of space in the third quarter of Hangay where the access to Tarkan is still open.

Eirene hears the voice of Gesil, who warns her of the dangers of crossing through universes. She learns how she could save her companions and shortly thereafter, a humanoide with a blurry outline appears to her and calls on her Cosmocrat status and adivses her to join him when they arrive in Tarkan.

Meanwhile, Benneker Vling is trying to summon Si Kitu, the guardian of Entropy, in order to ask her to create a protection field against the Strangeness Shock that will hit them when they cross over. His experiment only succeeds thanks to Eirene. Si Kitu agrees but only because it also serves her own interests. After she disappears, Bull gets Vling to confess that he is a materialization of It.

On January 10th, the Cimarron discovers a giant white sun and a radiation reminding that from the Synguiso system. Bull knows that he just found the control station for the fourth phase of the Meekorah project.

Cedric Beust 2006-03-10

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