1386 - Raumstation Urian
Space Station Urian
Peter Griese

In the space-time crack, the Cimarron, the Sorong and the Mai-Ki discover the sun Surprise, and between the second and third planet of its system, a partial space station that Bull names Urian, but known as Ur amm Taloq by the Hauris. A creature called Yillipapp materializes on the Cimarron and says that he was tired of serving his master and therefore decided to join the Terrans. He introduces himself as a Hauri kobold and befriends Pucky.

Leading a commando, Bull enters Ur amm Taloq but they are captured by the Hauris. They are rescuved by Benneker Vling and his ability to understand foreign technologies. During their escape, Dana a Dainu is killed by Hauri robots and a capture Hauri explains to the Terrans that the construction of the station was started twenty years ago and was designed to prevent the transfer of Hangay into the Milky Way. He also reveals that the station is capable of bringing huge masses from the Milky Way into Tarkan. The Terrans return to their fleet and leave the space-time crack.

Since Perry Rhodah has obviously not returned to the normal universe with the third quarter of Hangay, Bull decides to follow him into Tarkan in order to warn him of the impending danger.

Cedric Beust 2006-03-10

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