1384 - Ort der Erfüllung
The Place of Fulfillment
Clark Darlton

On their way to the Place of Fullfilling, Ernst Eller and Testare go through a series of transmitters and learn more about the history of the Barkonides. From a blind man, they learn that the Barkonides are called the Tamers of the Suprahet.

They finally reach their goal and find Barkonis there, where 158 asleep bodies are scattered throughout twelve stations. Ellert tries to enter one of the sleepers but he is repelled. They learn the history of the Barkonides.

When the Seven Mighty Ones realized that the Suprahet, the antimatter cloud come from the universe of the Accalauries, was approaching the Milky Way, which was also the goal of the Swarm, they asked the Querions, the creators of the Swarm, to stop it. One million Querions received humanoid bodies, settled on a planet of the Milky Way and took the name Barkonides.

1.3 million years ago, the Suprahet reached the Milky Way and despite all their efforts, the Barkonides were unable to stop it. They decided to set up a trap where the Suprahet's energy became congealed. This structure became a planet later baptized Hercules by the Terrans. The rest of the energy created the planet Sepulcher and on Majestas, one of the planets of the system that Hercules belonged to, they created an observatory with a warning message.

Their task done, most of the Barkonides returned to being Querions while a small number of them decided to stay Barkonides, losing their immortality and their memory quickly after that. Only the Guardians of the Stations kept in touch with the Querions through the Time Fountains.

One million of years ago, when the Swarm reached the Milky Way, its structure was shaken so hard by the Bardioc's manipulations, who was responsible for the Karduuhls rejecting the Cynos, that Barkonis was pushed back into the voide between the Milky Way and Andromeda. The Guardians of the Stations installed twelve hibernation stations on the lonely planet of a yellow sun then limited themselves to secret visits to Barkonis and stopped intervening in its destiny.

Back on the surface of the planet, the sleepers receive a message from It asking them to look for the Time Tables of Amringhar. Only once the find them will they recover their abilities. Ellert and Testare then leave the planet, which they have baptized Kembayan.

Cedric Beust 2005-11-30

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