1382 - Das Siegeszeugnis
The Witness of Victory
K.H. Scheer

Ratber Tostan and Julian Tifflor approach a planet emitting a strong radiation on its south pole. They learn that the area is sacred for Hauris because 50,000 years ago, this is the place where the Hexameron defeated a powerful enemy of the Six Days. No Hauri is allowed into this zone until all traces of negative power have been destroyed in the galaxy. Tifflor notices that his cell activator reacts strongly to the radiations coming from the crater and he suspects that the powerful enemy in question is Estartu. However, he is convinced that Estartu managed to fool her enemy.

The fleet locates the Harmony being taken to Zerenghaa and Tifflor receives from Salaam Siin the coordinates of the Matter Switch.

Cedric Beust 2005-10-21

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