1381 - Romanze in Psi
Romance in Psi
Marianne Sydow

Salaam Siin passes as a singer for Lord Heptamer and managers to land on the Paghal Jezestu moon, where 70,000 people are in charge of the Matter Switch. He becomes friends with the Kartanian Ge-Liang-P'uo, whose faith in the Hexameron is wavering. Salaam manages to convince him to provide information to the Kartanians from Meekorah about the Matter Switch.

The secret services have noticed Ge-Liang-P'uo's behavior, though, and manage to turn his faith around. Salaam Siin is arrested and his spaceship, the Harmony, is taken into custody on a moon.

Cedric Beust 2005-10-21

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