1380 - Die Helden von Zapurush-III
The Heroes from Zapurush-III
H.G. Ewers

Atlan and his fleet arrive on the desertic planet Zapurush-III, where they discover ovari Lokoshan. Lokoshan arrived in Hangay earlier but he was struck by the Strangeness Shock and captured by a Hauris, who have a base on Zapurush-III.

They also discover that Vir-Kon has been captured by the Hauris and they decide to attack the Hauri base. Several Hauris are captured and questioned, but to no avail, except for the fact that Irminia determines that the Hauris are naturally protected against the Strangeness Shock. Vir-Kon asks the Galactics to head for Paghal, the 22nd planet of Ushallu.

Cedric Beust

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