138 - Risiko unendlich groß
Peril Unlimited
Kurt Brand

On August 2, 2113, the battle against the Posbis ended. While the Terran teams study the inside of the Posbi spacecraft, Perry Rhodan returns to the Solar System and informs the Solar Imperium and the Arkonide Imperium of the situation. All ships that are available are invited to help towards the evacuation of the threatened colonies. Even the Akonides appear ready to conclude an alliance with their former enemies. A delegation arrives on Earth. An alliance is concluded between the Earth, Akonides and Arkonides. The Blue System transmits a list of all its planets. Unique, more advanced missiles are produced thanks to this new collaboration.

On board of the Posbi spacecraft, the scientists Kule-Tats and Van Moders observe a feeling of joy coming from the protoplasm when the TOKYO carrying Perry Rhodan moves away. They decide to redo a test while withdrawing the commando team from the Posbi ship. The experiment is conclusive.

Suddenly, a Laurin fleet appears close to the immobilized Posbi ships. They emit a message making the Posbis believe there is an alliance between them and the Terrans. The battle against the Posbis begins once again. Their vessels make a breakthrough and head toward Arkon.

Perry Rhodan decides to attack Frago. Ten thousand heavy units move close to the Posbi planet. The THEODORIC uses torpedos of a new type to destroy the relativity field of the planet. The Terran fleet invests Frago while the battles rage more and more in the center of the Milky Way. The teleporters place swoon devices simulating the cellular waves of the Laurins almost everywhere on the planet. The Posbis react by panicking.

The Terrans send a message, proposing their help in return for a withdrawal of the Posbis from the galaxy, but the demand remains unanswered. After the commando team on Frago seizes large quantities of protoplasm, the attacks of the Posbis suddenly stop. The Terrans evacuate the planet undetected and immediately come back, stating they have come to help the robots. These thank them, but don't affirm the need for more help from the Terrans. In the galaxy, all battles stop.

Michael Mahoney 2011-08-21

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