1379 - Zielstern Anklam
Destination Anklam
Arndt Ellmer

Atlan's fleet arrives in Tarkan with the help of the Viral Empire and reaches Anklam, where they are greeted by Ren-no. Atlan learns from him about Perry Rhodan's feats these past months and he also learns about the recent events in the galaxy involving the Benguels and the Juatafus.

Vir-Kon, a spokesperson for the Central Authority of Knowledge, arrives in Anklam and tells Ren-No that the next quarter of Tarkan will be transferred into the Milky Way on November 30th, 447. Vir-Kon tells Atlan to give up his plan to go into the Ushally system, because the Hauris have received support and the area has become very dangerous. He suggests Atlan to visit the third planet of the Zapurush system, near Ushallu.

Cedric Beust 2005-10-20

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