1378 - Geheimniswelt Cheobad
Hidden World Cheobad
Peter Griese

The fleet welcomes Rhodan and board and heads for Cheobad, which Rhodan wants to investigate. With the Benguel ship Paalinnen, Rhodan lands in secret on Cheobad where his companions are hit by a psychic shock. They start calling Rhodan Afu-Metem, the Prince of Fire, one of the top six Hauri leaders.

Rhodan uses his new rank to explore the Matter Switch station and learns that the Hexameron resides in Nachod as Qoor, the Hole of Eternity, which seems to be located outside Hangay. When the real Afu-Metem calls, Rhodan is identified as a traitor and makes a quick escape after blowing up some of the installations. Then they head toward Nachod as Qoor.

Cedric Beust 2005-09-30

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