1376 - Die Werber des Hexameron
Recruiters of the Hexameron
Robert Feldhoff

Rhodan and Beodu follow the Hauri, called Narmon ald Till, back to the Hauri homeworld, near the binary star Ushallu. The red giant Usha and the white star Allu are surrounded by sixty-two planets, and the fourth one, Eperu, is the gathering point for all the Hangay peoples.

Rhodan pretends to be a servant of the Hexameron and tries to be assigned to the project. He learns that the Cheobad, the fifth planet, is a forbidden zone where research is made to create a Matter Switch related to the Anklmam project. It is scheduled to send a part of M 33 into Tarkan on August 4th, 447, swapping it for the Hangay third part.

Rhodan and his two companions undergo numerous tests and in the meantime, Leda has flown back to the Kartanian system and announced that their Imago was now in the Ushallu system. Rhodan hopes that their fleet will disrupt the Hauris in their plans enough for him to act.

Two Red Hauris are sent to kill Rhodan. The Red Hauris are important Hauris that are able to drink regular water, something that no Hauri can do because it can kill them. The water Bearers receive more strength and stamina, but they also die younger. After a deadly hunt, Rhodan is about to be killed by the two Hauris when one of them, Shallun pak Jhiakk, rebels and kills his compatriot. He has had doubts on the Hexameron for a long time and he's now convinced that they are misguided. They teleport to Shallun's homeworld.

Cedric Beust 2005-09-30

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