1375 - Friedhof der Nakken
The Graveyard of the Nakks
Ernst Vlcek

On his way to Jalip, Rhodan wonders if there is a connection between the term Imago and the names Imago I and Imago II, which were the real names of the Cynos Schmitt and Nostradamus back when the Swarm crossed the Milky Way. On Jalip, Rhodan reads the archives in Vinau and learns that the Hexameron once defeated a powerful entity tens of thousands of years ago.

Rhodan also learns more from the Nakks, who are raised by the Juatafus on Nansar and are exposed to the radiation of the nearby black hole, thus creating their psychic faculties. When they grow up, only the most skilled Nakks are hired to work on the Meekorah project

With the help of the Han-Shui-Kwon, Rhodan discovers a Hauri plot trying to overheat the black hole in order to blow up the entire solar system. They attack a Hauri base near the Naak graveyard but the Hauris flee before they can get captured. Rhodan manages to follow one of them as he's taking off the planet.

Cedric Beust 2005-09-30

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