1374 - Wiege der Kartanin
Cradle of the Kartanians
Ernst Vlcek

The Kartanians living on Vinau have become complacent and are on their way to decadence. They are led by an organization called the Shuo-Gon-Wen and are completely oblivious to the consequences of their project for the inhabitants of the Milky Way. The Kartanians ask Rhodan to lure the Benguels and the Juatafus but Rhodan refuses, aware of the mysterious phenomenon that makes them lose their personality whenever they meet.

Beodu decides to follow three of his compatriots to Jalip, the second planet, and Rhodan learns that a secret Hauri organization called Han-Shui-Kwon is trying to influence the Kartanians psychically. Rhodan destroys the projector and kills the Hauri traitor.

Cedric Beust 2005-09-07

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