1373 - IMAGO
Kurt Mahr

On May 20th, 447, Ren-No's fleet is back on Tuyon and the appearance of ten thousand spaceships, half Juatafu and half Benguel, appears in the system and claims to be looking for something called Imago. Emissaries of each race are sent on Mnele-Dor's spaceship but as soon as they are in each other's presence, something happens and they both become suddenly brainwashed, while two flashes appear and merge, before vanishing.

Rhodan realizes that he is Imago and tries to dissuage the Kartanians and the Vennoks from attacking the peaceful people, who don't belong to the Kansaharriya, the association of twenty-two people working on transfering Hangay to Meekorah. Whenever Juatafus and Benguels are in each other's presence, the same phenomenon happens and Rhodan decides to flee in order to avoid a massive brainwash of both people.

Rhodan decides to head for Vinau, the Kartanian homeworld, and during the trip, Beodu tells him about another dream in which Granjcar, the Eternal Warrior from the Milky Way, completely annihilated a planet called Vailach-Gom.

Leda discovers four clusters called Dugu Sisawa, that came from Absantha-Gom in the Milky Way, and Rhodan decides to head there instead, realizing that while Tarkan pieces are being transfered to the Milky Way, an inverse transfer seems to be happening as well.

In Dugu Sisawa, Rhodan discovers Vailach-Gom and his Net Rider aura triggers a recording and leads him to discover the sign of Estartu in a destroyed base. At the same moment, Hauris start building a base in the vicinity and Rhodan discovers a Lost Gift of the Hesperides in a Hauri shuttle that he hijacked, having no idea how it got there.

Rhodan is eventually intercepted by the Kartanians who take him to their homeworld system, Charif. Rhodan is taken to the third planet, Jalip, and discovers that the moon of the first planet of Charif, Nansar, is the nomeworld of the Nakks, and that it's orbiting a black hole.

Cedric Beust 2005-09-07

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