1372 - Zwölf Raumschiffe nach Tarkan
Twelve Spaceships to Tarkan
Kurt Mahr

Near X-Door, twelve spaceships fitted with Vectorial Grigoroff Projectors are getting ready to fly into Tarkan. It has surrounded the fleet with a cloud coming from the viral empire in order to protect it from the Strangeness shock. On September 30, 447, the fleet penetrates inside Meekorah-Hangay and the cloud loses 20% of its mass.

On arrival, the fleet is forced by Kartanians to land on the Doguang colony. The Kartanians have captured a high-ranking Hauri and are afraid of Hauri retalliation on the planet. They ask Atlan to protect them.

The Hauris attack Doguang but are easily defeated. Atlan and Tifflor try to question the Hauri prisoner, who commits suicide. Atlan learns that the Hauri, called Noori pan Lotok, was in charge of the project Time Closure.

On October 14th, the fleet reaches the Synguiso system where they are greeted by Man-Gro, who bears the Estartu sign, although he says it represents the Project. The next day, the fleet cross over to Tarkan and appear near Anklam. The viral cloud completely dissolves.

Cedric Beust 2005-09-07

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