1371 - Projekt Septembermorgen
Project September Morning
Arndt Ellmer

On August 10th 447, the Viroship fleet returns from the Sphere of Influence of Estartu and most of the Vironauts are taken back to their home planet. The Sorong and the Redhorse meet at X-Door.

During a mission on Tarkoon, Pucky, Nicky Frikkel and Anson Argyris learn that the Hauris consider the Kartanis as the children of Heptamer. On Septmeber 22nd, the Soron and the Redhorse arrive near the Red Giant Morning of September, where the Hauris have installed a base on the second planet. They find out that the Hauris want to transport the entire M-33 galaxy into Tarkan during the next transfer using a gigantic matter scale.

Cedric Beust 2005-08-26

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