1370 - Amoklauf der Wissenden
The Madness of the Initiates
Marianne Sydow

In Fornax, the decrease of the universal psi constant causes the Paratau to lost all its power. The Kartanian women are no longer able to use the substance to gain psychic powers and the Nocturnians start attacking the Kartanian and Galactic spaceships.

The Kartanian women fall into a state of psihprenia and decide to fly the Narga Sant into the sun Ctl. Dao Lin-H'ay, who is the only one who kept her powers, helps Oogh at Tarkan tracking her lost compatriots. Pucky meets with Nikki Frickel and they all head toward Ctl, where the Kartanian is decided to keep trying to convince her people of the origins of their origin. They arrive too late to prevent the Narga Sant to disappear into the sun.

Then Puck hears that a fleet directed by Atlan and Anson Argyris has conquered a Hauri base in the Sringal system and that the Hauris have attacked a Kartanian base in M-33 for the first time.

Cedric Beust 2005-08-26

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