137 - Sturm auf die Galaxis
Blitzkrieg Galactica
Kurt Brand

On Earth, the two best specialists in biochemistry, the Earthman Van Moders and the Ara Kule-Tats, discuss the nature of the Posbi protoplasm: for Moders it is synthetic whereas for Kule-Tats it can be only biologic. Kule-Tats, the “runaway" with the terran commando team from the Akonide base on Afzot, is under the surveillance of the mutant telepath and negative teleporter Olf Stagger.

At the same time Perry Rhodan puts in motion “Operation Werewolf": it is a complicated plan simulating a "visit" of three Posbi Box ships in the Blue System in order to oblige the Akonides to rally to the coalition formed by all races of the galaxy to fight against the Posbi threat.

Moders and Kule-Tats come to an agreement: during a summit meeting, they conclude that the protoplasm is basically a biologic nature, that it is capable to think and that the more its mass increases the more it is necessary to consider it like an individual: a "protoplasm planet" must exist! In addition, the machines discovered on the Posbi planet Frago would be, in fact, designed to excite the protoplasm so that it undergoes cellular division.

In sector MJK-7 a terrifying battle rages between a squadron of Posbis and a squadron of Laurins. The Arkonide Imperium decides to come to the aid of the Posbis and help them to defeat the Laurins in order to prove to them that they are not hostile. In spite of this, new Posbi ships emerge and turn against the Arkonide squadrons that immediately take flight. Alas, the Posbi ships follow them and it is in M-13 that the battle recommences. Atlan then asks for help from the Terrans.

On Earth, Olf Stagger captures thoughts of joy, not of hate, emitted by the protoplasm and, in addition, that it thinks: Moders concludes therefore that some of the protoplasm is capable of learning, which explains the inefficiency of the narcosis cannon against some of the Posbi ships.

The situation is so desperate in M-13 that Perry Rhodan asks all races of the galaxy to rally in order to fight and to evacuate the planets in danger: miraculously, many fleets arrive as reinforcements! Numerous squadrons show evidence of bravery. The battle last for four days and defeat seems unavoidable....

Another eighty hours and it will be impossible to evacuate the Arkonide planets... But always with Olf Stagger’s help, Moders and Kule-Tats gradually come to understand that the intelligent protoplasm also reacts to its environment and can feel anger: Can it happen that the protoplasm and the positronic portions interact with each other and that there is an inherit conflict between the two within the Posbis?

To verify this, they decide to try to capture a Posbi ship which is not yet immunized against the effects of the narcosis-canon. In addition, the mutants (telepaths and teleporters) are requisitioned: it is a mission of the last resort.

A Posbi ship can be immobilized and a commando team teleports on board with the two containers of protoplasm, the protoplam having been “calmed" previously by eight telepaths. On board of the Posbi ship the mutants intercept the commander's (who is an enormous mass of protoplasm in link with the positronic elements of the vessel) SOS that asks them "to save the heart, to like the heart!" and yet they are still attacked by the robots!

Pucky succeeds in attaching the container of protoplasm against one of the vats containing the commander of the ship and he captures some exchanges between the two entities: the protoplasm informs the commander of the excellent treatment it received on behalf of the Terrans.

The Posbi robots attack the Terrans and the commander of the ship and only the sacrifice of Stagger saves the commando team: he understands that the impulses of hate don't come from the protoplasm but from the domes of biomaterial that relay the orders of the protoplasm to the Posbi robots.

By his sacrifice the protoplasm concludes that the Terrans are in actuality the real life and it executes the last will of Olf: it enters into communication with the Central World. Meanwhile, Rhodan believes he has found the answer to the question - “are you the real life?" - and transmits it to the protoplasm. After several hours of anguish the Posbi ships suddenly cease fire.

*Note: "Blitzkrieg Galactica" is the Master Books American title for this episode from the 1970s and early 1980s.

Michael Mahoney 2011-08-18

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