1369 - Strangeness-Rhapsodie
Strangeness Rhapsody
K.H. Scheer

On June 30th, 447, a new type of Tsunami cruiser is completed under the supervision of Ratber Tostan, who baptizes it TS-Cordoba. Tostan and Posy Poos head for Hangay, knowing they have a strong immunity against the Strangeness Shock after their past three visits there.

In Hangay, the TS-Cordoba approaches a small green sun and rescues a Kartanian spaceship under attack by the Hauris. The Kartanian gives him the coordinates of the Synguiso system, which hosts the planet Goronac, where the Narga Puur was built.

On August 19th, Tostan arrives on Goronac and meets with the Kartanian Man-Gro, the project lead for Narga Puur. Tostan learns that the transportation of the third quarter of Hangay didn't happen for unknown reasons and says that November 30th will probably be when the next attempt is made.

Totand discovers a Dimensional Rift where the next matter transfer from Hangay will happen, and where it is possible to reach the Anklam system. On August 29th, Tostan returns to the Foundation and gives his report to Atlan.

Cedric Beust

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