1368 - Iruna
H.G. Ewers

The Base reaches the location called X-Door by Ratber Tostan, where the Cosmic Bazar Rostock has already arrived. X-Door is eighty light years away from the Strangeness wall surrounding Hangay. When the Viroship fleet arrives, Atlan asks his ship to be the first fitted with the Vectorial Grigoroff Projector. Then Atlan heads for M-33.

As the Karmina approaches the Sringal system, Iruna, who is still pretending to work with the Hauris, sabotages the detection systems, allowing the Terrans to get closer. She manages to contact Atlan and to explain to him the double game she is currently playing.

Atlan lands on Sringal IV and is captured by Platur gom Krozan. Despite her efforts, Iruna cannot gain any new intelligence on the Hauris and she escapes with Atlan and Eirene.

Iruna explains to Rhodan that the third quarter of Hangay should have been transported into the normal universe on August 4th but that something must have gone wrong because nothing happened. Back in X-Door, ten more Viroships receive a Vectorial Grigoroff Projector.

Cedric Beust 2005-08-26

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