1367 - Brennpunkt Pinwheel
Focus on Pinwheel
H.G. Ewers

Lokoshan discovers Iruna of Bass-Thet in cryogenic sleep on a Hauri sleep and rescues her. He learns her history through mental contact. Thousands of years ago, the Master of the Negasphere freed Kazzenkatt and made him the Element of Control. Agents of the Genetic Alliance found out about Kazzenkatt's plans and conditioned his own sister to destroy him.

In 428 NGT, Iruna of Bass Thet learns that the Genetic Alliance is made of exiled peoples from Gruelfin. The Genetic Alliance merge the cells of Kazzenkatt's sister with Iruna, who gains particular abilities such as the Zero-Dream, the power to teleport her consciousness anywhere at any moment.

With Iruna's help, the entity escapes control from the Genetic Alliance and goes looking for Kazzenkatt to warn him against the Element of Darkness. Shortly before Kazzenkatt fell victim to the Element, she is hurled into the Abyss Land where, using the Vagenda inside the Glass Maze, she manages to reconstitute her body. Finally, she meets Atlan, Jen Salik, Lethos-Terakdschan and Tovari Lokoshan, still known by the name Giffi Marauder back them.

Iruna leaves the Kartanians earlt 447 and discovers a secret Hauri base on the fourth planet of Sringal, in the outskirts of Pinwheel. She earns the trust of its commander, Platur gum Krozan.

During the jump toward the Base, Atlan is separated from Eirene and from Pucky and he follows a call coming from Jen Salik, inviting him to come to the Kesdschan Cathedral. When he arrives there, he feels the presence of Ernst Ellert and sees the Ban of the Cosmocrats being lifted. Then he heads out toward Hangay to meet with the fifty thousand Viroships.

Eirene suggest to head straight for Hangay but Tifflor refuses because of the unpredictable effect of the Strangeness Shock. Ratber Tostan and Posy Poos have already departed for the galaxy on the Cordoba but Atlan wants to look for Iruna in M 33 with the Karmina.

Cedric Beust 2005-08-26

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