1366 - Die Freiheit des Bewußtseins
The Freedom of Consciousness
Clark Darlton

Ernst Ellert and Testare make a stop on the second planet of a yellow sun where they take possession of two semi-intelligent apes. Ellert realizes that his memory was modified by the Ephemerids and he knows remembers what happened to him. After they left Eden II in 429, the Migratory Bird received psionic impulses from a galaxy where Ellert discovered a chain of transmitters locked inside a mountain. He met Vironauts on the planet and was taken to their spokesperson on a Barkonide base. Barkonis asks Ellert to follow him to another planet in Absantha-Gom and says that the Querions used to be in close contact with the Barkonides.

Upon arriving in Absantha-Gom, the Migratory Bird fell into a time crack and lost sixteen years and Ellert finally finds Barkonis, who thinks that even though his people are dead, he can find survivors in the Porleyter archives. Ellert accepts to visit the archives and steps through a transmitter, causing the viruses making up his body to dissolve. Ellert arrives in the Porleyter archive but only finds references to terms such as "Suprahet tamers" and the "Wise of Wyomon". Ellert is contacted by Lethos-Terakdschan and learns that Jen Salik arrived here as well two months ago and merged into the Cathedral, causing the Ban of the Cosmocrats on Rhodan and Atlan to be lifted.

Barkonis decides to go back into the Sphere of Influence of It with Testare.

Cedric Beust 2005-08-25

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