1365 - Die Astrologen von Hangay
The Astrologists from Hangay
Ernst Vlcek

After dropping off Rhodan, Beody and Jordan, the Juatafu leaves Tuyon. Rhodan meets with the natives of Tuyon, called the Benguels, and Beodu recognizes in them the second creature of his dream.

The Benguel civilization is heavily influenced by astrology and they interpret all the cosmic events as a manifestation of one of their many gods. When Rhodan asks a Bengul about Estartu, he gets the response "we are many, yet lonesome".

Leda evendually sends a fleet led by Ren-No to rescue Rhodan and his companions but when they get on board, a violent shock hits them and they lose consciousness. When Eserfim and Jordan wake up, they are on a Kartanian spaceship and they have lost their personality and their intelligence.

Ren-No tells Rhodan that the Hauri base on Bentang has been abandoned and that the Anklma projects iw waiting for further directions from the Superior Scientific Authority. As they head back toward Ankla, Leda tells Rhodan that on April 2nd, the second quart of Hangay has been transfered into the Milky Way.

Cedric Beust 2005-08-25

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