1364 - Auf den Spuren ESTARTUS
On Estartu's Track
Peter Griese

The Juatafu heads toward an unknown goal and Jordan won't tell Rhodan anything except that they are continuing their quest. Rhodan spends some time exploring the Juatafu and discovers a Zatara plant named Huamanchuca, who tells him it's been outcast from its race twenty thousand years ago because it underwent mutations.

Huamanchuca explains it had to leave Tara, its native planet because it had developed the ability to walk on its roots. Rhodan learns that the Zataras were in Tarkan way before the Kartanians and when Rhodan asks Jordan if it would be possible to set the course to Tara, the robot accepts immediately.

When they get there, they realize that the entire Zatara civilization, which was composed of 144 plants, has been destroyed by the Hexameron.

The Juatafu resumes its course and Beodu discovers a dying Venno on board, who only has the time to utter a few words before he dies: "time maturity" and "Tambau, a place of continuous importance". Jordan recognizes the name Tambau as a planet and the Juatafu sets its course there.

They destroy a Hexameron fortress on the desert planet and pick up another clue directing them to the Tuyon, the third planet of the sun Sasak. On the way there, Huamanchuca tells Rhodan it heard the thoughts of Comanzatara and Huakaggachua and vanishes. The Juatafu lands on Tuyon and Jordan tells Rhodan he needs to make contact with the Benguels. Then the Juatafu takes off, leaving Rhodan and Beodu to their fate.

Cedric Beust 2005-07-28

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