1363 - Krieg der Städte
The War of the Cities
Arndt Ellmer

Rhodan is taken to Ylon, the Hauri base, where he is submitted to a hypnotic transe. Rhodan wakes up in the medieval country of Vunor which symbolically represents the political situation in Tarkan. Rhodan becomes involved in the war opposing the various factions on Vunor but manages to take decisions that go against the philosophy of the Hexameron.

Rhodan receives the assistance of a mysterious figure identifying himself as the Messenger of the Player and he finally recognizes the illusion he is living in. The Hauri wake up Rhodan from his trance and realize they won't be able to convert him.

In the meantime, Beodu has managed to escape from his prison and frees Rhodan as well, as a Kartanian fleet is detected in approach. Ren-No lands on Ylon with a commando and the robots of the Juatafu take control of the Hauri base.

On March 1st, 447, Rhodan and Beodu return to the Juatafu and observe that the background temperature of Tarkan has risen by 1002 degrees Celsius.

Cedric Beust 2005-07-20

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