1362 - Der Sonnensucher
The Sun Seeker
Kurt Mahr

On the Drifaal moon, Rhodan is greeted by Ren-No, the local chief of the project. He learns that the Kartanians are very segmented on what they know and everything is directed by a council called the Organization of the Project. Rhodan is still puzzled by the fact that the Hangay Kartanians seem to be technoogically less advanced than the Hauri, and Ren-No is not able to explain where the engine of the Narga Puur came from. He tells Rhodan that Sionang had been identified as the spy who tried to kill him but the Terran remains Skeptical.

During his visit, Rhodan makes a friend in the person of Beodu, an Attavenno, who later tells Rhodan about creatures that he kills in his dreams. One night, Beotu visits Rhodan and tells him that Liutalf has found the trace of Estartu on the Nuru moon. Rhodan heads there with Beodu and discovers a robot spaceship called the Juatafu (the Sun Seeker) that welcomes him in Sothalk, the language of Estartu.

After Rhodan has identified himself as an ally of Estartu, he is introduced to a android called Jordan that Beodu recognizes as one of the two creatures of his dreams. The robot tells Rhodan that the Juatafu was built in the system of Zabrif and left for Juatafu, where he was mysteriously deactivated.

On his way back, Rhodan realizes that his spaceship has disappeared with Beodu on board and he detects the approach of three spaceships. They capture Rhodan and the real spy finally identifies himself: Liutalf.

Cedric Beust 2005-07-20

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