1361 - Das Anklam-Projekt
The Anklam Project
Kurt Mahr

On February 5th, 447, Rhodan arrives near the Blue sun Anklam and is forced to land on the planet Gangha by a fleet of ten spaceships. Rhodan identifies himsel as a visitor from the universe where the Hangay galaxy is supposed to be transfered, and the commander of the base, a Venno called Liutalf, accepts grants him hospitality but tells him he must decide with his lieutenants whether he will be considered as a prisoner.

Rhodan is eventually accepted as an ally and Liutalf tells him that the Anklam project is almost complete and ready to send the rest of Hangay into the normal universe, called Meekorah in Tarkan. The Terran tells Liutalf about the existence of the Hauri base and the Venno immediately dispatches scouts to verify Rhodan's claims. He also says that he vaguely remembers hearing the name Estartu in the past.

Several murder attemps are committed against Rhodan and one of them involves a teleporter installed on his door frame. With the help of his personal computer, Rhodan reprograms the teleporter so it won't self destruct after being used and enters it. He emerges in a Hauri secret base on the second planet of the system and he sees the familiar symbol made of a half circle and seven lines radiating from it.

Liutalf tells Rhodan that they indeed discovered a deserted Hauri base on Bentang. A few days later, the first test of the transmitter starts on the Drifaal planet and Rhodan's on-board computer discovers a radiation coming from Bentang that starts disrupting the experiment. Rhodan immediately takes off for Drifaal and tries to tell the commander of the statoin, Ren-No, to interrupt the experiment. As Rhodan approaches Drifaal, he sees the installations on the moon explode one by one.

Cedric Beust 2005-07-15

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